Pastor's Corner

Welcome to Heidelberg United Church of Christ—a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

This is a very exciting time in the life and history of our congregation. We are experiencing a time of new birth and revitalization as we continue on a journey of friendship, discovery and transformation.

Dating back to the mid seventeen hundreds, our congregation has a deep history. It was then that we joined with the Lutheran congregation to form Heidelberg Union church, a union which is still strong today.

The horizon of the future of Heidelberg United Church of Christ is radiant with promises of new things. Our ancestor’s faith in God’s future compelled them to face difficult issues of their time – racism and hatred, war and grief, poverty and misery, crime and horror- in order to transform a world of conflict into a world of peace.

Today as benefactors of this rich heritage and in communion with our Union Lutheran brothers and sisters, together with other United Church of Christ congregations around the world, we seek to create and nurture relationships that will continue to produce justice and kindness.

We hope to continue our legacy of our forbearers by teaching our children the humility of self acceptance that comes as we sense the presence of God who knows our inner most thoughts and loves us unconditionally – just as we are.

We invite all of God’s children onto a journey of friendship, discovery and transformation! Please contact us by phone or via email for more information, join us for worship Sunday morning, or simply drop by the church sometime to say hello!

God's Peace and Blessings!
Pastor Karen