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Our church is lead not only by our pastor, but by our members. We have several teams that manage the affairs of the church.

Board of Finance:

The Board of Finance Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 8:00 p.m. They work on financial procedures, budget preparation, economic updates and manage the growth of Endowments.

Christian Fellowship Committee:

The Christian Fellowship Team meets as required. They assist with event planning and social activities of the church.


The Consistory is the policy-making body and transacts the business of the congregation, makes provisions for the determining, and raising of the current expense budget, Christian missions and benevolences, and provide for the auditing of financial accounts to support the staff. The Consistory keeps complete and accurate records of its proceedings, being a custodian of all congregational records, and reports to the congregation at its regular and special meetings. All acts and deliberations of the Consistory are subject to the will and revision of the congregation. There is a monthly review on all fiscal matters, including the payment of bills.
The Consistory is also the governing body. It is composed of the Pastor or Pastors and nine Elders. Three Elders are elected for a term of three years by a majority vote cast at the Annual Congregational meeting. Elders assist and support the Pastor in spiritual affairs of the church, and provide and distribute the elements for the Lord’s Supper. Elders shall take heed to the high calling of their office. When elected, the Elders are publicly ordained and installed and can serve only two consecutive terms with a one-year cessation at the end of the six-year period. Vacancies of the Consistory shall be filled by the Consistory for any three-year term, not filled or any unexpired term.

The officers of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected each year by the Consistory. This also includes electing a President or Vice President and two Property Committee persons for the Union Council/Consistory of Heidelberg Church. The Church Secretary is hired by the Consistory and reviewed annually.

Endowment Fund Committee:

The Endowment Fund Committee meets quarterly or as required. They are in charge of administration of bequests, charitable gifts and memorials in keeping with the desire of the donors and the needs of the church.

Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee meets when called by the Consistory President. They annually prepare a slate of nominations for Consistory.

Outreach Ministries Team:

Outreach is an appropriate name for this committee. You know God wants us to love one another, so we are constantly seeking ways to reach out to people. This involves various activities, but the one we are proudest of is visiting our shut-in members. Our team does this twice a year. The joy is unequaled when you see the smiles it brings

Stewardship Team:

The Stewardship Team meets once a month on the second Tuesday. Their meetings consist of planning for our fall Stewardship Program which has been based on Consecrating Stewards. During this program and throughout the year, they work on getting the word out about where our blessings come from and how we are to respond with our giving.

Spiritual Life Coordinators:

The Spiritual Life Coordinators meet the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. They provide leadership for worship and work with the pastor and organist to plan special worship services which are held throughout the year. They serve as a pastoral committee for the pastor.